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Starvation Orbit

'Starvation Orbit' 
Novelette, 11500 words

Russell moved towards the damaged section of the Station, sliding his foot magnets slowly over the buckled areas of the hull, lifting them carefully when twisted jagged-edged metal threatened the fabric of his spacesuit.
"Accidents are going to happen in space when interplanetary travel becomes a fact.  The most important on ship, space station or extrterrestrial base will be the doctors -- and they will have to discover new methods of treatment under very unearthly conditions."  The title + foregoing blurb may be self-axplanatory -- runaway spaceship Queen of Darkness collides with Venusian space station, take it from there -- but don't let that put you off.  Dr. (Gerald) Mathewson, of 'Assisted Passage'/Allen Drive fame, makes a fleeting guest appearance.

Synopsis by graham Andrews

First Publication:
  • NEW WORLDS No. 25, July 1954


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