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Curtain call
 nebula 9
futures past

'Curtain Call' (4000 words)  

The crater was small and typical, just another unnamed pockmark on the wrinkled and pitted face of the Moon in the vicinity of Petavius.
White's first mood piece/character study.  Gregory Mitchell is a misanthropic news commentator who believes that people are "disease spots, just so many wild variables in an otherwise sane and scientifically well-ordered universe."  Mitch (likely enough names after the Stephen Mitchell character in Charles Chilton's Jounrney Into Space BBC radio series) rethinks his attitude during a lone vigil on the Moon.  Meanwhile, humanity itself might or might not be on the brink of self-destruction from a 'fireworks display' ignited by the Mark 17 Bacteriological Bomb.  And what do those three aliens think of it all . . .?

Synopsis by graham Andrews

First Publication:
  •  NEBULA SCIENCE FICTION No 9,August 1954
Publication History:
  • Futures Past (see under Books).


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