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Pushover Planet


'Pushover Planet' (9500 words.) 

The fleet came in fast -- from the direction of the Crab Nebula -- and decelerating at a rate which made it fearfully evident that the ships contained nothing resembling Human life.
"The remorseless aggressors had everything in the galaxy on their side -- except the little idiosyncrasies of the human mind!"  That Jingoistic blurb has been lifted from Murray Leinster's novel Talents, Incorporated (Avon, 1962), but it also fits 'Pushover Planet' to a tall T.  Crellegnan dur Shan, Fleet Commander of the thirty-ninth Planter Expedition (etc., etc., ad nauseam), pits his wits against a captured Human male called Murchison.  And, of course, he fails miserably.  Murchison might well be ancestrally related to the pneumatic pathologist of Sector General fame.

Synopsis by Graham Andrews

First Publication:
  • NEBULA SCIENCE FICTION No 14, November 1955


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