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In Loving Memory

 nebula 15
monsters and medics

'In Loving Memory' (5000 words.) 

Every day Ralston went for a walk.
As explained in White's Introduction to Monsters and Medics, 'In Loving Memory' was inspired by one of his in-between-stories conversations with 'a writer friend' (a young Bobby Shaw).  They decided to start one short story apiece with a man sitting on a rock, and take it from there.  White transposed his rock -- but I'm giving away an important plot-bit.  Problem:  The planet Kallec will spiral down into its own sun within thirty years, but all forms of life there face destruction long before then.  Solution: A 'standardization treatment' for turning diverse creatures into true Citizens of the Galaxy.  Enter Earthman Ralston and Naleen, his Kallecian sweetheart, who rejects the treatment …

Synopsis by Graham Andrews

First Publication:
  •  NEBULA SCIENCE FICTION No 15, January 1956
Publication History:
  • Monsters and Medics (see under Books).


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