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 new sf 16
major operation

14000 words

Conway had been worrying about the Meatball problem during the whole of the trip back to the hospital, but only in the past two hours had the process become a constructive one.

There is no truth to the rumour, which I’ve just started, that Jim named ‘Meatball’ after a song made briefly famous by Burl Ives.  “We are carrying two Drambon natives.  Drambo is the native name for the planet . . .”  Conway tells Sector General Reception.  “One of the natives is a CLHG, water-breathing, with a warm-blooded oxygen-based metabolism.  The other is tentatively classified a SRJH and seems comfortable in either air r water.”  The Drambon SRJH physician/leucocyte treats a blood-poisoned Kelgian in its own inimitable, but effective fashion.

Synopsis by Graham Andrews
First Publication:
  •  NEW WRITINGS N SF 16, Ed John Carnell, Dobson, January 1970

Publication history:
  •   NEW WRITINGS IN SF 16, Corgi pb edition, March 1970
  • Also in Major Operation (see under Books)


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