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Major Operation

 new sf 18
major operation

Major Operation
20000 words

On the whole weird and wonderful planet there were only thirty-seven patients requiring treatment, and they varied widely both in size and in their degree of physical distress.

In short-story terms, Major Operation the Novel starts with an earthquake and builds up to a climax. (Sam GoldwynTM.)  “. . . there is very little to say except that the poisoned and polluted living planet that was the patient in those stories ‘Meatball’ and ‘Major Operation’ required treatment on such a vast scale that the operation was a military one as well as a medical one ” (from ‘The Secret History of Sector General’’).  I didn’t mention the ‘living planet’ part before now.  How very careful of me.

Synopsis by Graham Andrews
First Publication:
  •  NEW WRITINGS IN SF 18,  ed John Carnell, Corgi, March 1971 

Publication history:
  •   NEW WRITINGS IN SF 18, Dennis Dobson,  June 1971
  • Also in Major Operation (see under Books)


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