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new sf 21

7500 words

The suspect was dishevelled and, if he was contused as well, the sergeant had left his marks in places where they did not show.

‘Mr Smith’ (the sad-sack suspect) is being interrogated by bad-cop Sergeant Greer and good-cop Inspector Michaelson.  “. . . Sergeant Greer was completely lacking in charm when he was angry”/Michaelson kept his tone grim but friendly . . .”  So far, so Dime Detective magazine.  But we soon find ourselves reading the best time-crossed lovers short story yet written.*  If ‘Commuter’ had been published in Galaxy or F & SF instead of the Anglocentric NWiSF, I feel sure that Jim would have notched up another Hugo award nomination.  (Voters for the 1972 Retro-Hugos please take note.)

I don’t care what anybody else thinks.  Especially you – at the back.

Synopsis by Graham Andrews
First Publication:
  •  NEW WRITINGS IN SF 21, ed John Carnell,  Sidgewick & Jackson,November 1972

Publication history:
  •  WRITINGS IN SF 21,Corgi pb, September 1973
  •  NEW WRITINGS IN SF Special One, eds Carnell/Bulmer, Sidgewick & Jackson omnibus edition,  contents NW IN SF Nos, 21-22-23, July 1975

Forgein Publication:
  •  Orbit No 13, Rotterdam, Winter 1981 as Pendelaar


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