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 sector general
sector general

17000 words

The ambulance ship Rhabwar had made the trip from Sector General to the scene of the supposed disaster in record time and with a precision of astrogation, Conway thought, which wld cause Lieutenant Dodds to exhibit symptoms of cranial swelling for many days to come.

Another of White’s inimitable puzzle-for-spacemen stories.  “In the great tradition of Deadly Litter!” – as Donald A. Wollheim, Mr Blurby himself, might have put it.  “All the [spacewreck] victims had lost their limbs.  The medics think they have the answer, but they are wrong . . .”  (actual blurb, from the Ballantine edition).  Well, they are and they aren’t.  Is that Irish enough for you?

Synopsis by Graham Andrews
First Publication:
  •  Sector General (Ballantine, March 1983).


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