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Combined Operation

sector general

Combined Operation
30,500 words

They emerged into normal space at a point whose co-ordinates placed them far out on the galactic rim and where the brightest object to be seen was a nearby sun burning coldly against a faint powdering of stars.

In 1959, Capt. W.E. Johns published a novel entitled Biggles Combined Operation.  Jim at once owned up to being an inveterate fan of Squadron Leader Bigglesworth and his bi-plane-setting cronies.  Sector General’s ‘combined operation’ entails Conway sewing together the sentient-jigsaw-puzzle CRLT* creature before plonking it down upon its new home planet.

*Physically it resembles the DBLF Kelgian life-form, but it is many times larger and possesses a leathery tegument rather than the silvery fur of the Kelgians” (Louie, ibid.)

Synopsis by Graham Andrews
First Publication:
  •  Sector General (Ballantine, March 1983).


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