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Red Alert

 new worlds 43
aliens amongst us


'Red Alert' (13000 words) 

For several minutes after the main fleet emerged into normal spacetime somewhere within the orbit of Pluto, the flagship drove through the grey unreality that was hyperspace.
White doesn't just undercut readership expectations in 'Red Alert'; he leaves them for dead long before the last page.  Everra di Crennorlin-Su is the Governor of three inhabited solar systems and temporarily Commander of a 3,127-strong task force headed Earthwards.  Character sketch:  "His particular form of insanity wasn't rare.  It was called ambition."  'Tis a grievous fault -- or is it?  What begins like a revamped 'Pushover Planet' (see above) ends up as something completely different.  And the allusion to Monty Python won't help you, a 'tall, a 'tall.

Synopsis by Graham Andrews

First Publication:
  • NEW WORLDS No 43, January 1956
Publication History:
  • The Aliens Among Us (see under Books).


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