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Dynasty of One
 sf 15
extro 2

'Dynasty of One' (2,500 words.)  

The throne room was vast, the empty throne itself a golden speck glowing against the sombre background drapes.
The only James White story published in Science Fantasy, editor Carnell's answer to Campbell's Unknown and Gold's Beyond.  There was, however, no 'scientific' reason for banishing it from New Worlds.  Tate is the "Emperor of the Dominions of Myra; the Protectorates, Dependencies, and Mandated Territories of Fomalhaut, of Cregennsil, and of Dubh; Lord of the Magellanic Hosts . . ."  Well said, oh court psychologist.  Remember chamberlain John Bird's similar spiel in Jabberwocky?  Extrapolating somewhat from Lord (absolute power) Acton, White shows that a solitary immortal ruler would be able to make his every dream -- and nightmare -- come true.

Synopsis by Graham Andrews

First Publication:
  •  SCIENCE FANTASY No 15, September 1955
Publication History:
  •  EXTRO No 2, April/May 1982 as  'Long Will Live the King' (slightly revised)
  • Futures Past, revised text but with original title 


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