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 new worlds 100
aliens among us

7500 words

Far out on the galactic Rim, where star-systems were sparse and the darkness almost absolute, the vast, angular structure of Sector Twelve General Hospital hung in space.
White badly wanted to make the 100th issue of New Worlds, but :". . . I did not have a single alien ailment in my head.  In desperation I [built] a story round an Earth-human condition that might have an extraterrestrial equivalent, an ailment of which I had first hand experience, diabetes" (from the 'Secret history of Sector General': see under Non-fiction).  Cue insulin injection.  "But suppose the diabetic patient was a crab-like life-form, whose limbs and body were covered by a hard shell?" (ditto).  Aldiss ('Old Hundredth') and Wyndham ('The Emptiness of Space') were also at their best for John Carnell's editorial centruy.

Synopsis by Graham Andrews
First Publication:
  •  NEW WORLDS No 100, November 1960

Publication history:
  •   THE ALIENS, Ed Robert Silverberg, Thomas Nelson, New York, 1978
  • TOP SE 1, Ed Josh Pachter, Loeb, Amsterdam, 1986
  • The Aliens Among Us (see under Books)
  • The White Papers. (see under books)


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