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Christmas Treason

 f and sf jan 1963
white papers

Christmas Treason
Novelette, 9000 words

Richard sat on the woolly rug beside his brother's cot and watched the gang arrive one by one.
Enter some tomorrow-people children from all over the 1960s cold War world.  Four boys: Richard, Liam (from a "fishing village on the North Irish coast" -- probably Portstewart), Greg/Gregor Ivanovitch Krejinski, and buster.  Two girls: Mub and Loo.  The Splendid Six form a gestaltic unit much like the one described in Theodore Sturgeon's More Than Human (1953).  Using their combined powers to look for Santa Claus (who lives "somewhere at the North Pole in a secret cavern under the ice") they end up by averting World War Three -- permanently.  And there's more . . .

Synopsis by Graham Andrews
First Publication:

Publication history:
  • MAGAZINE of FANTASY & SF, British Edition, January 1964
  • 8th ANNUAL YEAR’S BEST SF, Ed Judith Merrill, Simon & Schuster, 1963
  • 8th ANNUAL YEAR’S BEST SF, pb, Dell, New York, December 1964   
  • BEST OF SCI-FI 4, Mayflower-Dell pb ed, 5/-, August 1965
  • SPACE *1, Ed Richard Davis, Abalard-Schuman, September 1973
  • TO FOLLOW A STAR, Ed Terry Carr, Thomas Nelson Inc, $6.95, 1978-79
  • SANTA 2000, Ed Michael Parry, Dragon, December 1984
  • CHRISTMAS ON GANYMEDE, Ed Martin Greenberg, Avon, December 1990
  • ISAAC ASIMOV PRESENTS THE GREAT SF STORIES No 24, Ed Isaac Asimov & Martin Greenberg, DAW, January 1992
  • The White Papers (see under Books).

Foreign Publication:
  • YEAR’S BEST S-F Japanese edition, Tokyo Sogensha Co Ltd, early 1977 
  • DEN FANTASTIKS JULIEN, Ed John-Henry Holmberg, Timbro, Sweden, 1985 as Undersokningen 
  • IKARRE magazine, Czechoslovakia, 28/1/93


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