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Boarding Party

new worlds 37
Futures Past Ballantime books

'Boarding Party' (10500 words)  

The blast ripped away the mouth of number six launching tube, together with a wide area of the ship's hull plating.
"Yo, ho, ho and a bottle of Jet Morgan rum!"*  James White once aspired to out-Clarke Clarke as Spellsinger of the Spaceways -- with more success than he's generally given credit for (Deadly Litter is just a starter pack).  The stricken Starcloud is the Earth's last hope against the Raghman invaders who have only one effective weapon: ". . . the ghostly, flickering force-eddy.  But that one was enough."  Dr Grayson, the ship's self-deprecating medical officer, makes the most important 'house call' of his career.

*Another reference to Journey Into Space, the "BBC radio serial that enthralled millions" (book-jacket blurb).

Synopsis by Graham Andrews

First Publication:
  • NEW WORLDS No 37, July 1955
Publication History:
  • Futures Past (see under Books).


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