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Star Surgeon

Star Surgeon

Ballantine, 1963. Words 55250.

Fix-up novel: 'Resident Physician' (see under Short Stories) and Field Hospital.  The blurbster has it: "Sector General is a mercy station -- a place where all kinds from all worlds are welcome.  But for the first time, the hospital is threatened by creatures too different its purpose, and so powerful that they can cause utter havoc!"  The Etlan DBDG invaders take much the same attitude towards Sector Twelve General Hospital that Margaret Thatcher did to the British National Health Service.  And, to paraphrase Chief Psychologist O'Mara, Dr Conway not only stops the war but also gets the girl (Nurse Murchison).

Synopsis by Graham Andrews


First Publication:

NEW WORLDS Nos 114-116, January to March 1962 as Feild Hospitol


First Book publication:

Ballantine Books No F-709, March 1963. Field Hospital and Resident Physician joined to make Star Surgeon novel


Publication History:

Corgi Books, London, GS7702, 3/6, July 1967

Ballantine, Bal-Hi edition No U2866, 50 cents, May 1968

Ballantine No 345/02028/6/075, 75 cents, September 1970

Corgi SF Collectors’ edition No 0/552/10213X, 60p, July 1976

Corgi reprint 31/12/76, 29/4/77 

Ballantine, NY, No 0-345-29169-7, $1.95, January 1981

Futura Orbit books, ISBN 0-7088-8188-2, £1-95, December 1986

Collected in Beginning Operations, Orb (Tor Books), June 2001


Foreign Publication:

TERRA UTOPISCHE ROMANE Nos398 & 399 in two parts, 70phg each, as Der Kampf der Weltraum-Mediziner 

GALASSIA No 66, Lira 300,   June 1966 as Ospedale di Combattimento 

Livros do Brasil No 220, Lisbon,  as Medico Espacial 

Ullstein No 3396 early 1978 as Der Kampf der Weltraum-Mediziner

Uitgeverij Scala, Rotterdam, ISBN 90-6221-5610-0, sometime 1977 as Chirurg Tussende Sterren

LE MASQUE SF No 115, Librarie des Champs Elyses, Paris, Spring 1981 as Chiruge in Galactique

Wilhelm Heyne, Munich,  No 06/4975, ISBN 3-453-06620-5, 

DM1080, 1993 as Star Chirurg


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