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Deadly Litter

Deadly Litter

Ballantine, 1964. Words 63000.

James White's first collection of non-Sector General stories.  "One day, inevitable, man will not only face the technical difficulties and the enormous physical dangers of extended space travel, but he will have to deal with the infinitely more complex and mental problems that an unnatural form of living will create" (blurb).  Move orbits, Arthur C. Clarke.  Contents: 'Grapeliner'; 'The Ideal Captain'; 'The Lights Outside the Windows'; 'Deadly Litter' (see under Short Stories).

Synopsis by Graham Andrews


First Publication:

Ballantine Books, No U2224, October 1964 


Publication History:

Transworld/Corgi, London, No 552-08052-7, December 1968 

Balintine Books 2nd printing.

BB, 3rd printing, No 345-29640-0-225, September 1981


Foreign Publication:

TERRA No 423, 80phg, November 1965 as Die Lichter des Alles

URANIA No 421, February 1966 as Vortice di Relitti 

Mondadori No 770, February 1979 as Vortice di Relitti


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