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Star Healer

Star Healer: Orbit, 1985

Star Healer

Ballantine, 1984. Novel, 75500 words.

Star Surgeon was only nine-tenths a Sector General novel: Star Healer goes the whole distance.  It's the story of how Conway & Co.  of the ambulance ship Rhabwar interact with the FOKT Gogleskans on their grim home world.  "Gosglesk has been a borderline case so far as the Cultural contact people were concerned . . . But the natives, in spite of their backwardness in the physical sciences and the obscure racial psychosis which forced them to remain so, were psychologically stable as individuals and the planet had not known war for many thousands of years" (p. 37).  Apropos of nothing at all, the Sector General series has always been especially popular in Glasgow.
Synopsis by graham Andrews


First Publication:

Ballantine/Del Rey, NY, ISBN 345-32089-1, January 1985


Publication History:

Macdonald/Futura/Orbit, ISBN 0-7088-8187-4, November 1987

Collected in Alien Emergencies, Orb (Tor Books), June 2001


Foreign Publication:

Wilhelm Heyne, Munich, No 06/4980, ISBN 3-453-07969-8, 1995 as Der Wunderheiler.


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