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Code Blue Emergency

Code Blue - Emergency: Ballantine, 1987

Code Blue - Emergency

Ballantine, 1987. Novel, 84000 words. Original title, "Star Nurse".

"On Sammaradva there are three levels of persons - serviles, warriors, and rulers - and three levels of healers to care for them..." (p29). Cha Thrat, the latest trainee nurse at Sector General describing her home world. Despite being one of the hospital's most diligent pupils, Cha Thrat is such a magnet for trouble that even Minnie the Minx pales by comparison. White started using the neutral pronoun 'it' for all his (its?) Sector General characters, which often led to unnecessary gender confusion. Bull-/cow-shit. I follow Dr Johnson's wise precept that the male form of a word stands for both male and female. Or, if you prefer, the female form..., etc. Clarity is what matters, and PC grammarians be damned!

Synopsis by Graham Andrews


First Publication:

Ballantine/Del Rey, ISBN -0-345-34627-0, July 1987


Publication History:

Macdonald/Futura, Orbit Books, ISBN 0-7088-4364-6, 1989.

Vern House, Wallington, hardcover, ISBN 0-7278-4090-8, September 1990.


Foreign Publication:

Wilhelm Heyne, Munich, No 06/4979. ISBN 3-453-07766-0, 1995 as Notfall Code Blau

AST  Publishers, Moscow, ISBN 5-7841-0666-X, 1997, as (appromimat Cryllic spelling) Mek3be3ahar Hedtnokka.

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