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The Interpeters

The Interpreters: Birmingham SF Group, 1985

The Interpreters (Birmingham SF Group, 1985), c/w A Novacon Garland by David Langford.

Short Story, 4000 words.

The Interpreters (14pp) is a book only by editorial fiat of the Novacon 15 Committee.  Therefore, I'm going to be analytically retentive about it (but see under Short Stories).  Langford's 'Outbreak' parody (in A Novacon Garland) is, however, worthy of mention -- especially for lines like this representative sample: "After a mildly awkward interlude (only the Tralthan cubicle was free, with a lavatory seat four feet across), Conway emerged... (p17). There is no truth to the rumour that Dustin Hoffman snapped up the film rights.

Synopsis by graham Andrews


First Publication:

Novacon 15 booklet, 1985.


Publication History:

FANTASY & SF, March 1987


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