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All Judgement Fled

All Judgment Fled

Rapp & Whiting, 1968. Words 64500.

The title was derived from Shakespeare's "O, judgment! thou art fled to brutish beasts,/And men have lost their reason" (Julius Caesar).  But whose judgment?  Who are the brutish beasts?  And has reason really been lost, or simply misplaced?  In the near future, a gigantic alien vessel known only as The Ship appears twelve million miles beyond the orbit of Mars.  Six Earthmen in two spacecraft are sent to investigate this Big Indifferent Object, which is filled with hull-to-hull aliens of variant species.  But, given the fraught situation and language difficulties, how can they separate crew members from passengers -- or worse?  "What we have here is a failure of communication" (Paul Newman, in Cool Hand Luke).

Synopsis by Graham Andrews.


First Publication:

IF December 1966/7, January & February 1968 

Frist Book publication:

Rapp & Whiting, June 1968


Publication History:

Transworld/Corgi No 552-08198-1, July 1969 

Walker & Co, New York, October 1969

Ballantine, NY, 3   Z45-02016-2-095, October 1970

BB/Del Rey, NY, No 345-28025-3-175, April 1979

Macdonald/Futura, Orbit, ISBN O-7088-8222-6, June 1987

Macdonald hardcover, ISBN O-356-14397-X, September 1987

Old Earth Books, Baltimore, ISBN 1-882926-07-7, August 1996


Foreign Publication:

TERRA SF No 150, DM2.50, November 1968 as Das Raumschiff der Ratsel

Born, Amsterdam, SF 11,September 1969 as In De Ban Van Het Gevaar 

URANIA No 518, lire 250, July 1969 as L’Astronave del Massacro

Goldmann Science Fiction, May 1976 as Da s Prometheus Projekt 

Mondadori Italian reprint, 10/5/80

URANIA No 840, lire 1000,  issue 15/8/80 as L’Astronave del Massacro

UTOPIA No 44, Moewig, DM80, August 1982 as Das Raumschiff der Ratsel

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