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The Aliens Among Us

The Aliens Among Us

Ballantine, 1969. Words: 85000.

"...most of James White's writing has been concerned with the reconciliation of human to alien, and of human with human.  The theme may be common to many writers.  But White's stories of medicine as it may be practiced several hundred years in the future are uniquely imaginative, demonstrating again and again the fertility of his ideas and the humanity -- or should one say, the alienity -- of his approach?" (blurb).

Contents:  'Countercharm'; 'To Kill or Cure'; 'Red Alert'; 'Tableau'; 'The Conspirators'; 'The Scavengers'; 'Occupation: Warrior' (see under Short Stories).

Synopsis by Graham Andrews


First Publication:

Ballantine Books No 01545, 75 cents, April 1969


Publication History:

Ian Henry Publications, Hornchurch, Essex, No 86025-140-3, with Occupation: Warrior deleted, April 1979

Ballantine reprint ISBN 0345-2881871-9, April 1981 

Macdonald/Futura, ISBN 0-7088-8258-7, March 1988


Foreign Publication:

TERRA SF No 193, September 1972 as Bruder im Kosmos

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