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Visitor at Large

 new worlds 84
hospital station


Visitor at Large
16000 words

Despite the vast resources of medical and surgical skill available, resources which were acknowledged second to none in the civilized galaxy, there had to be times when a case arrived in Sector General for which noting whatever could be done.
'Visitor at Large' marks the Sector General debut of Dr Prilicla, the insectile Cinrusskin empath whom every perceptive reader loves to love.  Conway and Prilicla find themselves treating a sick amoeboid SRTT alien that can never, ever, fall physically sick. 
But its psychological traumas would flummox Dr Anthony Clare himself, even if this patient at (very!) large didn't flatten his couch. 
I'll conclude by telling you that White's solution to the problem still holds water.  No, please.  Don't bother to thank me.

Synopsis by graham Andrews
First Publication:
  •  NEW WORLDS No 84, June 1959

Publication history:
  • New Worlds US Reprint Edition, March 1960
  • Hospital Station (see under Books)
  •  The White Papers (ditto).


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