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Type 'Genie' and 'RUN'

Type “GENIE” and RUN
5000 words

This was not the first time that the stupid thing had raised his blood pressure or caused him to use words which would have been familiar to the ancient Anglo-Saxons.

At one time, James White did little more than loiter beside the cybernetic superhighway.  But he learned fast*.  ‘Type “Genie” and Run’ is a comic-inferno fable about those perverse inanimate objects that pass themselves off as ‘computers’.  Just like Tron, in fact, only with real words.  The first-person narrator remains hidden behind his cloak of anonymity, which mught or might not be significant.

*James always did beat me at Space Invaders (et bloody cetera).  These shock victories/defeats caused no upset in the computer-gaming world.**

**His Favorite Game in later years was X-wing, and apparently he was very good.

Synopsis by Graham Andrews
First Publication:
  •  THE GATE No 1, April 1989


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