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The Star Walk

'The Star Walk' (18500 words.) 

He'd certainly picked a fine spot to land this trip, Carmicheal thought disgustedly as the creep bounced and jolted its way towards the grounded C-ship; frozen, iron-hard soil split by a maze of cracks and gullies and strewn with rocks of every shape and size.

Star Walk No. 17 is a postal area far out on the Galactic Rim.  (To Chief Psychologist O'Meara, c/o Sector Twelve, General Hospital, Milky Way Galaxy, Star Walk No. 17 C.)  courier-ship pilot Carmicheal (sic) and his Girl Everyday, Evelyn, get themselves into … I'm not sure what, exactly.  John Carnell, the normally astute editor of New Worlds, should have marked this one RETURN TO SENDER.  Sorry, Jim.

Synopsis by graham Andrews

First Publication:
  •  NEW WORLDS No 33, March 1955


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