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The Ideal Captain

 new worlds 74
deadly litter

"The Ideal Captain' (18000 words.) 

The pre-takeoff instrument checks were complete, from the control-room speaker the two-minute warning had sounded its raucous, faintly derisive note, and there was nothing now to do but lie listening to the small busy sounds from the ship's automatic machinery.
What starts as yet another journey into outer space becomes a Ballardian exploration of 'inner space' (with added common sense).  Lt. Commander George Adrian Surgenor, R. (S.)N.  -- Royal (Space) Navy, no less -- acts as Radioman/Medical Officer aboard her Majesty's Space Vessel Mizar.  He is, however, outraned only by the Ideal Captain -- and, believe you me, the clue really does lie in the title.  This story should have been called The Ideal Captains . . . but I've said too much already.

Synopsis by Graham Andrews

First Publication:
  •  NEW WORLDS No 74, August 1958
Publication History:
  •  Deadly Litter (see under Books).


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