Sector General
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Sector General

 new worlds 65
hospital station


'Sector General' (17,000 words.) 

Like a sprawling, misshapen Christmas tree the lights of Sector General Hospital blazed against the misty backdrop of the stars.
I'm still not too sure whether 'Sector General' is too short for its length or too long for its shortth.  Jim himself ruefully admitted that John Carnell would have rejected the story in its present form if an upcoming issue of New Worlds hadn't sprung a 17,000-word hole.  But it's worth reading just for this neat little first-contact scene: "My name is O'Mara, said the Major in a pleasant voice.  "I'm the Chief Psychologist of this madhouse.  You, I take it, are Dr Conway."  O'Mara smiles.  Conway smiles in return, knowing that it looked forced, and that O'Mara knew it also.  Always start as you mean to go on . . .

Synopsis by graham Andrews

First Publication:
  •  NEW WORLDS No 65, November 1957
Publication History:
  • Hospital Station (see under Books).


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