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 futures past
futures past

'Patrol' (10,000 words.)

McFall watched the helicopter drop onto the tiny landing area -- its downwash threatening to blow over the nearby tents -- and a lieutenant jumped to the ground.  
Sergeant McFall is Northern Ireland's answer to Sgt. Rock of Easy Company, jungle-fighting in a future Madagascar against Open Prison-type Bugs.  Apart from the just-flown-in Lt. Nolan (Jim really liked that surname), McFall and his fellow patrol members are ". . . veterans of this war, men who had no hope of winning it quickly because their enemy would not stand still and fight, and men who -- unlike the warriors of previous conflicts -- were hated rather than hero-worshipped by the civilians.  Oh yes, a most frustrating war."  Eat your heart out, Oliver Stone -- with fava beans.

Synopsis by graham Andrews

First Publication:
  •  NEW WORLDS No 55, January 1957
Publication History:
  • Futures Past (see under Books).


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