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O'Mara's Orphan / Medic

 new worlds 90
hospital station

O’Mara’s Orphan / Medic
14000 words

The alien occupying O'Mara's sleeping compartment weighed roughly half a ton, possessed six short, thick appendages which served both as arms and legs and had a hide like flexible armour plate.
The muscular medic called O'Mara* is more like Vince (Ben Casey) Edwards than Richard (Dr. Kildare) Chamberlain.  Early job evaluation: "Approved Suitable for Heavy Sustained Labour."  He practically built Sector Twelve General Hospital with his own two pork-butcher hands.  'O'Mara's Orphan' -- stuff Medic -- is a massive FROB Hudlar wee'un placed in the tender loathing care of you-know-who.  ("Junior was hungry again . . . "!)  Popeye never had as much trouble with Swee'pea.  O'Mara finally joins the medical staff, however, and the rest is far from silent.

* I for one, believe his full name to be James W(hite) O'Mara.

Synopsis by Graham Andrews
First Publication:
  •  NEW WORLDS No 90, January 1960

Publication history:
  • WORLDS APART, Blackie, September 1966
  • Hospital Station (As 'Medic': see under Books)
  • The White Papers (see under Books). 


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