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new sf 7


14000 words

(Far out on . . . etc.)  “Obviously the thought isn’t unthinkable,” O’Mara, the Chief Psychologist, said dryly.  “I’m thinking if it, reluctantly, and you are also thinking it – if only momentarily.”

‘Invader’ kicks off the Major Operation five-partwork novel.  The thinkable unthinkable thought given utterance by O’Mara and Conway is that Senior Physician Mannen, grief-stricken over the recent death of his dog, has been making silly-billy mistakes through psychological negligence. But Mannen isn’t the only butterfingers (or worse) now aboard Sector General.  “Some life form had entered the hospital.  The invader was invisible and undetectable – even by the empathetic Cinrusskins – and it was creating hallucinations that were causing serious accidents . . . (blurb).

Synopsis by Graham Andrews
First Publication:
  •  NEW WRITINGS IN SF 7, Ed John Carnell, Dobson, January 1966

Publication history:
  •   NEW WRITINGS IN SF 7, Corgi pb, August 1966


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