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Mind Changer

Mind Changer: Tor, 1998

Mind Changer

Tor, 1998. Novel, 89,000 words.

Definitely not to be confused with The Young Doctors (1963 Corgi retitling of Arthur Hailey's The Final Diagnosis). Although Dr. (Peter) Conway started 'life' as an unaging character à la Dr. (James) Kildare, who might have been spontaneously generated for each book, he finally began to act his chronological age - well, most of the time.  The same thing could be said about my favourite Sector General staff member, Chief Psychologist O'Mara, who helped build the place around Diagnostician Mannen. Now the old warhorse faces mandatory turning out to pasture, if not the interstellar glue factory, and he's not particularly well-pleased at the prospect. Does the ultimate 'mind-changer' go gently into that good senior-citizen night? No siree, Dr. Bob! "Seconds out..."

Synopsis by graham Andrews


First Publication:

TOR Books, NY, ISBN 0-312-86663-1, hardback $23.95, Oct 1998


Publication History:

TALES OF SECTOR GENERAL (Science Fiction Book Club Omnibus Edition) containing The Galactic Gourmet, Final Diagnosis and Mind Changer, No 10064,  ISBN 7394-0159-9,February 1999


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