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Hospital Station

Hospital Station  Ballantine 1962

Hospital Station  Corgi 1967

Hospital Station  Corgi 1976

Hospital Station  Orbit Edition

Hospital Station

Ballantine, 1962. Words: 80000.

"The story of Sector General is told in a series of related, but not connected, episodes, each having to do with the particular problems of one alien creature... while O'Mara, the all-too-human head of a circus with as many rings as it has performers, is surely the most unusual space commander yet conceived -- a far cry from the jut-jawed heroic idiot of conventional space opera" (blurb).  Contents 'Medic' (aka 'O'Mara's Orphan');  'Sector General'; Visitor at Large'; 'Out-Patient'.  See under individual titles for story details.

Synopsis by Graham Andrews.


First publication:

Ballantine Books, NY, No 595, 50 cents, May 1962 


Publication History:

Transworld/Corgi, London, No GS7651, 3/6d, May 1967

Corgi, No o-552-10214-8 is SF COLLECTORS’ ed, July 1976 

BB, third printing, No 345-28353-8-195, September 1979

BB/Del Rey, 4th printing, No 0-345-32068-9, January 1985

Macdonald hardcover, ISBN 0-356-12149-6, June 1986

Collected in Beginning Operations, Orb (Tor Books), June 2001


Foreign Publication:

GALASSIA Nos 33, 34, Aug. & Oct. 1963 as Statione Ospedale & Settore Generale 

Extract published in DE ARTS IN DE SCIENCE-FICTION LITERATUR, ed Peter MY, Amsterdam, November 1969 

Livros do Brasil No 214, 1975 as Hospital no Espaco 

Ullstein No 3331, spring 1977 as Die Weltraum-Medizine 

Ridderhof/Scala, Rotterdam, ISBN 90-6221-551-3, August 1977 as Hospitaal Tussen de Sterran 

TASCABILI BOMPAINI No 151, April 1979 as Stazione Ospedale

LE MASQUE SF No 91, Librraries des Champs Elysees, mid-1979 as L’Hopital des Etoiles

Wydawnictwa ALFA, Warsaw, Cena zL 250, 1987 as Szpital Kosmiczny 

Nova Rocket 21, Laissez Faire Produktions AB, Stockholm, ISBN 9-7648-0025-9,  1975 as Rymd Sjukhusset 

Wilhelm Heyne, Munich, No 06/4974, ISBN 3-453-06219-1, 1993 as Hospital Station

Eapybekhar dahtactnka, Moscow, 1991, ISBN 5-03-002853-6 as Kocnnyecknn Iopcintajib (approx Cryllic spelling) 

Hardcover edition in Russia by, KNIB, MCN "Ajibtepnpec", Moscow, 1993, ISBN 5-7707-3616-X, also contains all or part of Star Surgeon and Major Operation as well as Hospital Station. (Cryllic spelling unclear and approximate)


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