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Futures Past

Futures Past: Ballantine 1982

Futures Past: Orbit 1988

Futures Past (Ballantine, 1982)

The 1988 Orbit edition omits 'spacebird' and adss 'Custom Fitting'. Collection 70000 words.

A Best-of-the-Rest collection, with most of the stories harking back to the 1950s.  Contents: 'Spacebird'; 'Assisted passage'; Curtain Call'; 'Boarding Party'; 'Patrol'; 'Fast Trip'; 'Question of Cruelaty'; 'False Alarm'; 'Dynasty of One'/aka 'Long Will Live the King'; 'Outrider' (see under Short Stories).

Graham Andrews


First publication:

Ballantine/Del Rey ISBN 0-345-30433-0, August 1982


Publication History:

Macdonald/Futura, ISBN 0-7088-8250-1, January 1988

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