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Sector General Timeline

by Gary Louie


James White's Sector General stories follow an internal sequence which can be discerned by careful reading of the stories. Since dates are rarely given, only the order-and occasionally the timing-of stories can be derived.

Gary Louie was working on a James White concordance. As part of that he completed a Sector General Time line, for the sector generl series including all short stories and up as far as the novel Final Diagnosis.

This article appeared in the White Papers. Unfortunatly Gary Louie passed away, before the concordance was completed.


Custom Fitting The tailor Hewlitt accepts a commission to de-sign, cut, and build a suit for His Excellency the Lord Scrennagle of Dutha.
Tableau After a bad first contact, Earth and Orligia are at war for three years.
Tableau Earth-human MacEwan and Orligian Grawlya-Ki are stopped.
Tableau After 236 years, Grawlya-Ki and MacEwan are brought out of stasis.
Accident Orligian Grawlya-Ki and Earth-human Mac-Ewan conceive the idea of Sector General.
Occupation: Warrior Major Dermod (Seventeenth Earth depedition-ary Force) wages war on a Normal Kelgian mili-tary force.
Star Healer The young Conway is orphaned on Braemar and raised by his Grandmother.
Medic Mr. O'Mara cares for a Hudlar infant during the construction of Sector General.
(Major O'Mara is made Chief of Psychology at Sector General.)
(Junior Intern Conway arrives at Sector Gen-eral.)
Sector General Junior Intern Conway takes his first Educator Tape while treating a Telfi gestalt.
Sector General Junior Intern Conway is forced to kill an AACP life form to prevent further loss of life and dam-age to Sector General.
Trouble with Emily Doctor Arretapec visits Sector General to work with Junior Intern Conway on Emily.
Visitor at Large Doctor Prilicla arrives at Sector General. Visitor at Large
Visitor at Large SRTT Visitor gets loose in Sector General, caus-ing havoc.
Out-Patient Doctor Conway is promoted to Senior Physi-cian.
Out-Patient The Federation makes contact with the lans.
Countercharm Senior Physician Conway takes his first long-term Educator Tape.
(Doctor Conway gets married to Nurse Mur-chison.)
(Senior Physician Mannen's dog dies.)
Invader Thought Controlled Tool appears at Sector Gen-eral.
Vertigo The Federation makes contact with the Dram-bon Rollers.
Blood Brother Senior Physician Conway finds a Drambon Phy-sician.
Meatball The Drambon Physician cures an injured Kelgian in Sector General.
Major Operation Senior Physician Conway directs an operation on the Drambon Strata Creature.
Spacebird The Spacebird is found by the Monitor Corps Scoutship Torrance in Sector 9.
Contagion The Sector General Ambulance Ship Rhabwar commissioned.
Contagion The Earth Generation Ship Einstein is found and abandoned again.
Quarantine Senior Physician Conway declares Contamina-tion One alert in Sector General.
Quarantine The Federation makes contact with Dwerla.
Recovery The Ambulance Ship Rhabwar rescues a Protec-tor of the Unborn aboard a Blind One's ship.
Survivor An EGCL transmitting empath is admitted to Sector General.
Investigation Casualties near a wreck lead Major Fletcher to think a serious crime had been committed.
Combined Operation The massive CRLT Gestalt is settled on a new world after surgery.
Star Surgeon An ELPH Patient, Lonvellin, is suspected of committing murder on its companion and phy-sician.
Star Surgeon Senior Physician Conway visits Etla the Sick.
Star Surgeon Lonvellin is killed by a nuclear warhead on Etla the Sick.
Star Surgeon The Etlan Empire is at war with the Federation and attacks Sector General.
Star Surgeon Senior Physician Conway takes seven Educator Tapes and acts as a walking translator on Sector General.
Final Diagnosis As a child, the patient Hewlitt is exposed to a virus and is orphaned in a flyer crash.
Star Healer The Trainee Danalta arrives at Sector General.
Star Healer Senior Physician Conway is relieved of duty on Rhabwar while he considers a promotion to Di-agnostician.
Star Healer Senior Physician Prilicla is promoted to Senior Medical Officer aboard the Ambulance Ship Rhabwar.
Star Healer Senior Physician Conway meets the Healer Khone on Goglesk.
Star Healer Acting Diagnostician Conway adjusts to carry-ing several Educator Tapes.
Star Healer The Gogleskan Healer Khone requests to visit Sector General.
Star Healer A sentient Protector of the Unborn is born.
Star Healer Doctor Conway is confirmed as Diagnostician-in-Charge of Surgery.
Code Blue - Emergency The Sommaradvan Cha Thrat arrives at Sector General.
Code Blue - Emergency The Chalder hypochondriac patient Muro-meshomon leaves Sector General.
Code Blue - Emergency The Gogleskan Khone arrives at Sector General with its child.
(The Cromsaggar Incident.)
Genocidal Healer Surgeon-Captain Lioren is court-martialed for the Cromsaggar Incident.
Genocidal Healer Ex-Diagnostician Mannen is a terminal patient.
The Galactic Gourmet Chief Dietician Gurronsevas arrives at Sector General.
The Galactic Gourmet The Federation makes contact with the Wem.
The Galactic Gourmet Diagnostician-in-Charge of Surgery Conway's first name is revealed.
Final Diagnosis Patient Hewlitt arrives at Sector General with a non-specific ailment.
Final Diagnosis A intelligent collection of viruses infect a series of hosts, ofdifferent physiological classifications, raising the fear of inter-species contagion.


Reproduced with kind permission of Bruce Pelz and Bruce Louie.


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