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Information on James White

Perhaps you are a fan already, who wants to know more or perhaps you have never heard of James White. Either way, here is a selection of sources of information.
New (29 Apr 2002): Added new covers and Sector General Omnibus editions to Books.
New (28 Apr 2002): Added new Articles by Gary Louie.
New (27 Apr 2002): Complete synopses by Graham Adnrews for Short Stories.


A complete list of James White's novels and short story collections, complete with cover art.

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A selection of articles from notable authors.

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This is a link to an interview which took place between James White and Brendan Ryder.

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Short Stories

This is a list of stories with synopses which have appeared in various magazines.

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This is an insightful bibliography by Graham Andrews, a good friend of James White.

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Part of this has previously appeared in Interzone.

Fan Activity

James White began his writing career in fanzines. We hope to have some relevant information and pictures here soon.


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